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Engine Conversions

Conversion Guides

Source: Conversion Library @ OzGemini.com 

Conversion Kits

EFI kits to suit G161z/G180/G200z and also 4ZD1/4ZE1 

turbo kit from turbogemini.com
Turbo kit from turbogemini.com

The kits start at $1025, see more info here

Commodore 3.8L V6 (VN->VY + T700 Auto or T5 manual conversion kits)

Kit includes;

  • Sump
  • Oil pick up
  • Dipstick tube
  • Engine mounts
  • Gearbox cross member
  • Speedo Kit
  • Wiring Kit
  • Fitting instructions

Starting at $1,485AUD for all custom parts.

See v6 conversions for more information.

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