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Carburetors & Accessories

Carburetor upgrade can be one of the easiest upgrades to install. I recommend using a wideband sensor to fine tune the carburetor or having an expert using a dyno if aren’t confident. Dyno hire can start from around $100-150 per hour. Please note that an adapter plate is required to install a weber carb onto the stock inlet manifold, these are made by redline and cost around $50-70. Turbogemini has these (who sell the below carbs).

CompanyModelBufferfly SizesPower EstimatePrice
Weber32/36DGV32mm primary, 36mm secondary70-90RWHP$400
Repro32/36DGV/DGEV/DGAV32mm primary, 36mm secondary70-90RWHP$290-305
Weber38DGMS38mm primary, 38mm secondary90-140RWHP$495
Repro38DGES38mm primary, 38mm secondary90-140RWHP$325
Repro40DCOE40mm primary, 40mm secondary75-100RWHP$360
Repro45DCOE45mm primary, 45mm secondary80-120RWHP$360
Repro48DCO48mm primary, 48mm secondary85-130RWHP$435
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